Who We Are


SustainableQATAR is a think and do tank that raises awareness, creates actionable knowledge, and encourages connections and collaboration between individuals and groups for environmental sustainability. Founded in 2008, SustainableQATAR is an independent organization that actively engages members of the public, private, and government sectors to take environmental action.


We strive to build an educated, connected and engaged community and with our activities and programs to contribute to making this world a better place – a more sustainable Qatar that continuously grows toward regenerative development, (doing more good, instead of doing less bad) by diversifying into a self-sufficient economy that becomes net-positive – restoring vital ecosystems upon which we all depend for our survival.


  • empower the community at large by developing ‘mind-changing’ solutions for climate adaptation – not because of natural resources limitations in the desert, but in spite of it.
  • provide a platform for networking to promote collaboration between diverse members of Qatar’s population to enhance environmental sustainability.
  • support the first-ever carbon neutral 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
  • as a signatory to the Paris Agreement, assist Qatar in reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a regenerative future where environmental sustainability becomes the motor for a healthy economy.