Day 12 at the COP18/CMP8

Conclusion of 288 hours? It's officially the last day of the UN climate talks in Qatar, where about 200 countries have spent the past fortnight working to agree the next steps to a future climate treaty to be clinched in 2015. However, we have been hearing that a final agreement is not expected until Saturday, … Continue reading Day 12 at the COP18/CMP8

Day 11 at the COP18/CMP8

I was early today at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) to catch up with fellow delegates as well as to listen to Climate Action Network (CAN) International's Press Briefing on Non-Governmental Response to Negotiations. Another way to get a summary and impressions on the negotiations aside from the Stock Taking Plenary (happening tonight at … Continue reading Day 11 at the COP18/CMP8

Day 9 at the COP18/CMP8

  Today, world leaders call for urgent global action at the opening of the High Level Segment of the conference. Of course, I was not there but on the way to the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), I figured that there will be VVIP/VIP are in the conference premises as the main road leading to … Continue reading Day 9 at the COP18/CMP8

Day 8 at the COP18/CMP8

Of badges and colors When it was announced that we could collect our badges for the COP18 at Sheraton Hotel a week before the conference, I was in the airport heading to Muscat. So I was really curious of how the badge would look like and since it is my first COP ever I was … Continue reading Day 8 at the COP18/CMP8

Day 5 at COP18/CMP8

The Qatar National Convention Center was very busy today, Friday. I discovered flexible and innovative and comfortable furnitures - made of cardboard. They were popular and in heavy use. Check out all the pictures.   COP18/CMP8 President, His Excellency Mr. Abdullah Al-Attiyah had invited to an Open Dialog with Civil Society. The 1 1/2 hour dialog was … Continue reading Day 5 at COP18/CMP8

Day 3 at COP18/CMP8

It is refreshing to see the amount of Qatari's participating in COP18 at the QNCC with such great interest and reporting about it. Really reassuring. I arrived at the conference at 7 pm today, and briefly peaked into two panel discussions: "Green Economy and global climate change risks: Challenges and Opportunities" which discussed green economy as the pathway … Continue reading Day 3 at COP18/CMP8

Day 1 at COP18/CMP8

The opening ceremony was by invitation only, so I did not attend. But here are the main points from Christiana Figueres' address: There are more actions on the ground and more policy progress than in the past 10 years but the door is closing fast. There are three 3 key objectives for COP18 to adequately … Continue reading Day 1 at COP18/CMP8