Sustainability, broadly defined, is economic growth and development within the Earth’s ecological boundaries, like a bank account that stays positive with every transaction.

The term ‘sustainable development’ was formulated in the 1987 paper Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report. In a simple, powerful definition, it described sustainable development as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It was a call to action to recognize the importance of protecting natural resources without causing non-repairable and irreversible environmental damage.

Sustainable development can only thrive when firmly grounded in three equally important principles of economic growth, environmental protection, and social equality.

Sustainability continuously grows toward regenerative development, (doing more good, instead of doing less bad), by creating self-sufficient economies that become net-positive – restoring ecosystems upon which we all depend upon for our survival.


Despite its water scarcity and fragile desert environment, Qatar ranks top on carbon emissions per capita (35.73 Tonnes), water consumption per capita (500L/day) and waste generation per capita (1.23 kg/day) in the world.

To address these issues, the Qatar National Vision QNV2030 outlines a bold and aspiring vision for Qatar’s future growth and development, based on:

  • sustainable human development,
  • sustainable social development,
  • sustainable economic development and
  • environmental sustainability.

We, at SustainableQATAR, wholeheartedly support the QNV2030 and believe in the power of personal actions – sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. To do our part, our vision is to champion environmental sustainability through personal actions. SustainableQATAR focuses its activities and programs on environmental sustainability to nurture new thinking – combining ecology, economy, and equity to build (climate) resilient communities. These complex issues are inherently connected, and unless we address them in the same interconnected manner, it will not be effective.

Our goal is to create actionable knowledge and share information and resources, allowing every individual to make informed, conscious (consumer) decisions and get involved. We aim to engage and inspire the public at large to take action on the grassroots level, building a culture of community service and volunteerism that adds purpose and skills for life.

We strive to connect and engage all residents of Qatar to accept the challenge and favorably position Qatar for hosting the first-ever carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup in 2022, not because of natural resources limitations, but despite of it. Ultimately, we strive to build an educated, connected and engaged community that accepts the shared responsibility, and with our activities and programs – we want to contribute to making this world a better place through a more sustainable Qatar.