Live Sustainably in Qatar

It is your choice to live more sustainably and yes, it is possible even while living in a desert environment!

Qatar offers some unique challenges when trying to live a more sustainable life. But we can do it! This page provides the Qatar-specific information you need.

For more general information on living a sustainable life, see our 52 Weekly Challenges.

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Qatar’s public transportations options keep getting better and better. By using public transportation, we keep cars off the road and greenhouse gases out of the air.

Doha Metro and Lusail Tram are provided by Qatar Rail.

Mowasalat provides Karwa Bus and Metrolink transportation, providing options to areas not reached by the Metro directly.


SustainableQATAR is often asked about recycling options in Qatar. Keep in mind that recycling is the option of last resort. First think about reducing and reusing items before recycling them.

Drop-off recycling bins

Click here for a map of known Qatar household recycling locations

To locate the nearest Elite Paper drop-off for you, click the trashcan on the Elite Paper website for a map.

And when you’re out and about, look for recycling bins showing up in shopping areas, campuses, airports, and more.

Household Recycling Pick Up

Global Metals LLC provides recycling pickup. Download the Bin-Ovation Qatar app for easy pickup and recycling of PLASTIC (water bottles, shampoo bottles, etc), ALUMINUM (soda cans, foil, etc), METAL (tin cans, old utensils, etc), PAPER, and CARDBOARD.

Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory is a manufacturer of kraft paper, fluting media, and test liner in Qatar. Al-Suwaidi Recycling provides paper recycling services to a wide range of businesses, including major retailers, printers, and malls with collection. Contact them to arrange pick up service at your compound or tower.