Why Wear a Cloth Mask?

by MaryBeth Stuenkel, SustainableQATAR Why wear a face mask at all? As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, increasing again in countries and states where cases had been declining, guidance continues to evolve around how to stay safe and healthy. The latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) includes a recommendation for all people in … Continue reading Why Wear a Cloth Mask?

SustainableQATAR ~ Logo and Branding

by Katrin Scholz-Barth, President, SustainableQATAR Today, is a very exciting day and we are happy to share it with the world! Right on the heels of the 2019 United Nations Global Climate Summit in New York, SustainableQATAR is releasing its logo and launching its new brand as one of Qatar’s active volunteer organizations offering concrete … Continue reading SustainableQATAR ~ Logo and Branding

Whale Shark Project

Presenter: Mohammed Al-Jaidah, Ministry of Environment Mr. Mohammed Al-Jaidah is a Colonel in the Qatar Air Force. For the past 7 years he was seconded to the Ministry of Environment as head of Environmental Protection Department. In his position as marine specialist he advised the Minister and directed many special research project, including the Qatar Whale … Continue reading Whale Shark Project

Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Field Trip

A photographic journey of the Al Wabra Wildlife. Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation is located on a 2.5 square kilometer large area close to the town of Al Shahaniyah in central Qatar. All photos by Kai-Henrik Barth Photography.

Opportunities for the Sustainable Use of Camels in Qatar

Presenter:   Corby Elford, MFA Virginia Commonwealth University Corby Elford recently completed her Masters in Fine Arts in Design Studies at Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy in Qatar. Corby promotes the use of unwanted and perceived low value resources which are readily available in Qatar, that would otherwise be wasted. ‘Opportunities for the Sustainable Use of the Camel in … Continue reading Opportunities for the Sustainable Use of Camels in Qatar

Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation: A Well Hidden Secret In Qatar

Presenter: Dr. Tim Bouts, Director, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, as Dr. Tim Bouts describes, as a "well hidden secret in Qatar" partly due to its remote location as well as wildlife preservation and conservation efforts in Qatar are relatively obscure. Al Wabra, a 2.5 sq km conservation centre, started out as … Continue reading Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation: A Well Hidden Secret In Qatar

QFI and FEC: Trip to the Mangroves

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) and Friends of the Environment (FEC) took us to the mangroves today. Mangroves store five times that a forest of the same area covers could. In the distance, this was just to wet our whistle seemingly. One happy parent right here. These mangroves are flourishing! Starting their own family. One of … Continue reading QFI and FEC: Trip to the Mangroves

QSN Launching

Qatar Sustainability Network (QSN) was successfully launched yesterday (24 October 2012) at the Abalone Room of St. Regis Hotel and SustainableQatar is proud to be one of the founding members and to be a part of its interim board. QSN is the first attempt to put together all organizations in various sectors with the united … Continue reading QSN Launching

The Arab Recycling Initiative, The Big Tree Society and Tarsheed Qatar

The Arab Recycling Initiative and The Big Tree Initiative Presenter: Mark Sutcliffe, UNESCO Doha Mark Sutcliffe is a natural sciences project officer at UNESCO Doha since February 2008, and prior worked with a number NGOs. His work focuses on the creation, development, and sustainability of civil society networks. His talk will provide an update of … Continue reading The Arab Recycling Initiative, The Big Tree Society and Tarsheed Qatar

Earth Day Fair

Every Earth Day, people worldwide voice the need for environmental sustainability and encourage research into more green energy solutions. And, to showcase some of Doha’s local efforts to help the nation move away from carbon dependency, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) hosted the first ever ‘Qatar Environmental Education Fair.’ Celebrating this … Continue reading Earth Day Fair