Challenge #5 ~ Ride Sharing

Read the blog post on the April Theme – TRANSPORTATION

Our busy lives often get us into a frenzy. We rush from place to place without thinking, just trying to get there on time, which is a challenge by itself in a city that seems to changes traffic patterns by the minute. Even long-time residents in Doha often find themselves lost on routine drives.

Plan ahead for recurring activities like going to work, meetings, school / university, sports practice, parties, concerts – anywhere – and take a neighbor and/or ask a friend or neighbor for a ride. Form a carpool with other parents for school activities. Ask a friend to ride with you to a meeting or event.

Driving together not only connects you with your community and frees up your time; it also relieves stress, lowers your blood pressure, relaxes you, makes you smile, and thus increases your quality of life.

One rideshare per week for a 20km round trip, assuming you drive a 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD, avoids:

  • 7.4 kg of GHG per week
  • 32 kg GHG per month
  • 1.7 tonne GHG per year

See to test the GHG (greenhouse gases) coming from your own car.


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