Challenge #3 ~ Leaky Fixtures

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Leaky fixtures waste an enormous amount of water. Get your leaking toilets, taps, pipes, and showers fixed immediately!

Tip: check for toilet leaks by placing a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If color shows up in the bowl without flushing, it is likely that the toilet is leaking.

“Qatar now competes with leading nations like Japan and Singapore in the ability to control water leakage, with the rate of water leakage now in Qatar’s network at 4 percent.”

Mr. Abdul Monem A. Darwish, Manager Water Operations & Control, at Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA), 2016 KAHRAMAA Sustainability Report (pdf download)

KAHRAMAA is also raising awareness to educate residents to prevent misuses, waste, undue consumption, and erroneous measurement of water and, most importantly, to prevent leakage of fresh drinking water. The 2016 Plumbing Code CS-CSI-P1/C2 is intended to address the types of small water leakages and ways to fix them with little effort. Already, the total water losses and leaks in the network decreased from 30% in 2011 to less than 10% in 2016.

Although Qatar is making strides in reducing water leakage in the system, water management is still one of the biggest sustainability challenges where individual actions matter. “The Middle East … could see their growth rates decline by as much as 6% of GDP by 2050 due to water-related impacts on agriculture, health, and incomes.” High and Dry: Climate Change, Water, and the Economy

Water wasted (liters)

Drips per minutePer dayPer monthPer year
52.8 (that’s 12 lattes!)83.3995.5


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