Challenge #15 ~ Agritourism

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We always search for ideas to get the most out of our travel investments. Yes, travel is an investment into our health and well-being, learning and personal development, and relationship management. Adopting this mindset makes it easier to spend on meaningful ways of doing something practical and productive, learning about and contributing to local communities.

Agritourism has become a popular form of vacationing, not only for students who have little money but also for families, single travelers, and couples of all ages. In exchange for a few hours of help on a farm, for instance, you can get room and board for free. (But beware, Taiwan found that high-end vacation leisure farms produce 2.46 times the carbon emissions of natural eco-conservation farms.) Or, instead of only sightseeing, it may be more rewarding to volunteer for an organization such as the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar that re-plants tropical forests and mangroves with seed-slinging drones.

Consider farmstay and homestay options around the world for a unique holiday. Tree planting and learning about composting and permaculture are ways to offset carbon emissions. Especially for children growing up in Qatar, farm stays can provide a memorable learning experience to reconnect with nature, saving our children from nature-deficit disorder.

This is such a refreshing new way to travel. Not only do you get to visit new places you are interested in, you also get to learn, meet interesting people with a similar idea of travel and fun and make new connections, possibly new lifelong friends or partners to return home fulfilled and energized after holidays.


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