Challenge #14 ~ Take Direct Flights

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Vacation! Hurray! Let’s go! The mountains and beaches are calling! It’s too bad that the only way to travel out of Qatar is by airplane. Airplanes are a major source of carbon emissions, at least until 100% waste-based or algae-based biofuel or electric planes are a commercial reality.

We can do things to reduce our impact while traveling by air. Even though direct flights are expensive, skip the extra take-off and landing to reduce your flight emissions. Airplanes emit the most emissions at take-off and landing, so taking direct flights significantly reduces emissions associated with air travel.

Planes use the most fuel, and produce the most harmful emissions, during takeoff. On short flights, as much as 25 percent of the total fuel consumed is used at this time.

Worldwatch Institute

As a bonus, flying direct is an investment in your health and sanity. Consider this –  the more stops there are on your flight and the longer you are in an airplane, the more things can go wrong, the more stiff-boned, dehydrated, and stressed you get. Subsequently, the less relaxed you are, and the longer is the recovery time before you can actually enjoy yourself on vacation.

Sustainable air travel does not necessarily have to remain a myth. It may not be perfect yet, but it is possible to make strides in the right direction. Flying direct is just one such option, through which we can make a difference to our carbon footprint. Happy holidays, everyone!


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