Ocean Plastics and Toxins

Round the World Sailing Voyage

by Katrin Scholz-Barth, President, SustainableQATAR

With the support of SustainableQATAR, I am joining the crew of 300 women on a round-the-world sailing voyage to help collect, research, and ultimately fight ocean plastics and toxins.

eXXpedition Round the World 2019-2021

VOYAGE LEG 1 from Plymouth, UK to the Azores

On October 7, 2019, a pioneering all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission will set sail to circumnavigate the globe via four ocean Gyres and the Arctic. 

The aim is to tackle the devastating environmental and health impacts of single-use plastic and toxics in the world’s oceans.

The challenging voyage of thirty eight thousand nautical miles will start and end in the UK. Over two years, a crew of 300 women will take on 30 challenging voyage legs to sail through some of the densest ocean plastic accumulation zones on the planet to study plastic pollution on board sailing vessel S.V. TravelEdge a 73ft expedition sailing vessel and floating research lab.

eXXpedition Round the World aims to:

  • Support solutions science by contributing to world class scientific studies that are urgently needed to inform up-stream solutions and close-the-loop on plastic waste on land; partnering with internationally recognized ocean plastic experts at the University of Plymouth and the University of Georgia.
  • Challenge perceptions by using our platform to inform and educate so that people can better understand the real problem of micro-plastics and use that to shape actions and solutions
  • Create a community of change-makers, STEM role models and inspiring global ambassadors to tackle plastic pollution back on dry land. During their ocean experience, participants discover the power of their individual roles in addressing the issues. Empowered by their first-hand experience at sea, the voyage provides the tools, confidence and support they need to become effective leaders that can influence meaningful impact through their personal and professional communities.

Who’s on board?

Scientists, artists, filmmakers, teachers, doctors, sustainability experts … the Round the World crew will be made up of a multidisciplinary and international group of women.

More detailed information on the voyage, crew of more amazing women and partners, can be found at https://exxpedition.com

If you know someone or an organization that would like to become part of the community and add their voices, who would like to pick up the story, do an interview or organize an event upon Katrin’s return to share this eXXpedition mission with the larger community, please let SustainbleQATAR know. SustainableQATAR is looking for official sponsors to amplify impact in our community. Sponsors will get massive media attention! 

I will be journaling and documenting my journey along the way to share observations and new research with our local community in Qatar. My blogs will be posted here on the website as connectivity out in the ocean allows. So stay tuned! Alternatively, visit eXXpedition.com and join the livestream on their website and social media. 

If you wish to support the fight against ocean plastics and toxins you can do so by helping to spread the message. Together, we can amplify our impact!

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Thanks to all supporters and interested parties.