The Power of One

by Katrin Scholz-Barth, President, SustainableQatar

Our last blog talked about the Power of One. How can YOU take individual actions on the grassroots level to collectively address the biggest challenge of the 21st century – climate change?

We call on you as innovators and social entrepreneurs to join us reach a new level of consciousness to WIN! The reality is that so far we are not making fast enough progress. We must scale! In a society, the resources to scale are in our daily actions; daily purchases, daily choices, daily habits and beliefs because these are in our direct control. So, how do we tap into these resources? It’s a bit like MAGIC. Like super powers. Let’s have some fun together and harvest these superpowers for making this world a better place together.

Most people dismiss the power of daily actions because we’re all in a routine. But when we stay open and alert to our surroundings and observe our daily habits, ideas will come to us. SustainableQatar will serve as a source of inspiration with weekly challenges to employ old/new ‘magic tricks’ to take personal actions in life, work and within our communities to collectively turn our environmental footprint into a positive handprint, to stay happy, healthy and competitive.

SustainableQatar is eager to shape environmental sustainability through personal actions and stories, because residents are invested and proud; to build a culture of community services and volunteerism that adds purpose and skills for life. We count on every individual living in Qatar, every one of YOU, to help us push the boundaries on environmental sustainability, to turn awareness into a new level of consciousness because Strength is in the Numbers. It takes us all.  Personal actions are infinitely scalable when everyone participates.

Personal action is a fantastic tool, a very powerful tool! If we do it right. It is soft power. It’s simply risk reduction by adding two essential dimensions: environmental sustainability and social impact that strengthen our competitive advantage and future-proof society. 

It is humans, intact human communities and intact eco-systems. It is MAGIC and everyone can be a superhero exercising daily supernatural powers.

SustainableQatar is hoping to shape environmental sustainability through personal actions and stories, because residents are invested and proud, not because of natural resources limitations, but in spite of it. One person at a time.