Opportunities for the Sustainable Use of Camels in Qatar

Presenter:   Corby Elford, MFA Virginia Commonwealth University

Corby Elford recently completed her Masters in Fine Arts in Design Studies at Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy in Qatar. Corby promotes the use of unwanted and perceived low value resources which are readily available in Qatar, that would otherwise be wasted. ‘Opportunities for the Sustainable Use of the Camel in Qatar’ became the topic for her thesis research. Post graduation Corby continues to focus on creating a framework for a production line of a range of camel products and is exploring opportunities for commercialization.

Corby teaches two community classes at VCU; one about camel uses to raise awareness and on sustainable textiles. The purpose of these classes is to disseminate the knowledge gained through her research on animal husbandry in Qatar. The classes will serve to demonstrate the viability of sourcing local natural materials to sustainably produce a range of ‘cradle to cradle’ (Braungart, 2002) products.

Before moving into the field of Art and Design Education Corby began her career as a Graphic Designer and has over 20 years of expertise working in the UK, Kuwait and Qatar. She is now also working on completing a Masters in Art History.
This presentation will take the audience on a journey from conceptualization to the final outcome of the thesis design project from a design perspective.

Read the article from Qatar Tribune (5 March 2013).