Sustainable Development Initiatives in the Construction Sector

Presenter: Sheikha Athba Bint Thamer Al-Thani, QDVC

The building and construction sector is one of the key sectors for sustainable development, both in terms of the important benefits it contributes to society and the considerable negative impacts it may cause if appropriate considerations are not given to the entire life span of buildings.

“Everyone has to be involved in sustainable development,” stressed by Sheikha Athba as she starts her presentation on the sustainability initiatives that QDVC has been implementing in their various construction projects.

QDVC’s sustainable development policy is based on the definition of viable programmes and related key indicators. Socially, QDVC continues to implement an active recruitment policy, promoting equal opportunities to the community. Training programmes are made available to employees to challenge and improve their professional skills and personal development.

Sheikha Athba also presented the various community oriented projects initiated by QDVC which involved employees and their families, jointly with other community stakeholders.

On the environmental front, green practices are observed in the office and on site as well as in the supply chain. Here is an interesting video of QDVC’s green building practices applied in Lusail Light Rail Transit Project.



About Sheikha Athba Bint Thamer Al-Thani

Sheikha Athba Bint Thamer Al-Thani is the Chief Support Services and Sustainable Development Manager at QDVC. She was born in Qatar and studied science and art and graduated with Honors from Qatar University. She also studied carbon reduction and measurement in the United Kingdom.

Sheikha Athba joined QDVC in June 2010 to head the Sustainable Development Team. Sustainable Development is new to Qatar and therefore presented the right time for her to tackle the challenge, doing something for her country and the planet. Waste reduction was already a message she taught at schools to a younger generation and now she has the opportunity to raise awareness on a much bigger scale, for the whole population of Qatar.

Since 2012, she also assume responsibilities as the Chief Support Services Officer at QDVC and manages Human Resources, Health, safety and Environment, Sustainable Development and IT.

Sheikha Athba is currently preparing for the Masters in Business Administration.