Day 9 at the COP18/CMP8


Today, world leaders call for urgent global action at the opening of the High Level Segment of the conference. Of course, I was not there but on the way to the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), I figured that there will be VVIP/VIP are in the conference premises as the main road leading to QNCC was blocked and motorists were waved to take an alternate route. Took me half an hour to reach Gate 2 for the Park n Ride.

 I headed to Hall 4 to meet another delegate to catch up and bumped into Soham Baba. I missed his presentation but felt fortunate to have a photo op with him. I think this is the highest level I could get for the day.

Went to the bloggers area and enjoyed the free high-speed wifi and checked out the tweets and updates on the high level ceremony.

Fortunately, the COP18/CMP8 website provides free to use photos to be downloaded and shared.

Ban Ki-Moon and Christiana Figueress attending Momentum for Change.
Photo courtesy of Penny Yi Wang through Flickr.


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In an online report, it said that the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said even though he had no means to compel member states to meet commitments, he would “morally” compel them, in particular developed countries to meet the commitment.