The Arab Recycling Initiative, The Big Tree Society and Tarsheed Qatar

The Arab Recycling Initiative and The Big Tree Initiative
Presenter: Mark Sutcliffe, UNESCO Doha

Mark Sutcliffe is a natural sciences project officer at UNESCO Doha since February 2008, and prior worked with a number NGOs. His work focuses on the creation, development, and sustainability of civil society networks. His talk will provide an update of his research findings, with an emphasis on the UNESCO initiatives on Green Schools and recycling.

The Arab Recycling Initiative is the culmination of UNESCO Doha’s work waste resource management since 2003, and the partnership agreement represents a big step towards improving waste management in the Arab region The Arab Recycling Initiative is the product of 7 years of development between UNESCO and a wide variety of stake holders.The Arab recycling initiative is a web based platform aiming to improve the waste management capacity of the Middle-East by improving the availability and visibility of information related to waste management in the region, as well making networks of stakeholders easily accessible.

UNESCO is by its very nature an organisation of multiplicity. In the very same spirit of cooperation with its partners in Doha Bank and Mr. Steve Wilkinson, decided to provide a platform where schools can use whichever programme they feel most comfortable with, while still receiving recognition for their efforts towards improving our urban ecosystems, be it through recycling, energy awareness, even water efficient permaculture landscaping! Furthermore, the programme was designed to encourage the active participation of the private sector, so they can help either with technical advice, in kind contributions or financial support, either to the programme or to the schools. Visit the website of The Big Tree Society.

If you missed meeting, Mr. Sutcliffe was nice enough to share his presentation material which you can download as a PDF file.

Tarsheed Qatar
Presenter: Eng. Fahad Rashid Al-Kaabi, Manager CN, Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department, Kahramaa

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has launched an ambitious five-year national campaign for the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity.

Tarhseed is a strategic initiative on behalf of Qatar to formalise our national responsibility to protect the resources that we have. Over the last one decade, Qatar’s population is almost trebled and needless to be said it has resulted in huge increase in water and power consumption.

Tarsheed is a noble campaign that includes a combination of ad campaigns, awareness programmes, direct activities, and outdoor initiatives. There will be several cultural and governmental forums and the public to generate a meaningful response and reduce unnecessary pressure on Kahramaa networks.

Tarsheed Program is summarized in this interesting presentation material.