Bee Keeping and Falconry in Qatar – Traditions and Environmental Challenges

Presenters: Mr. Khalid Alsuwaidi and Mr. Mohammed Al-Jaidah

Bee Keeping in Qatar
Mr. Khalid Alsuwaidi is one of the few professional Qatari beekeepers. He had been observing and interacting with the world of bees since the age of 12. Khalid started professional beekeeping in 2004 as a hobby and soon developed a passion for the Apis Mallifera species of honey bees.

Since 2004 Khalid had visited many countries and got himself introduced to the international world of beekeeping. He had also written many reports on the subject in Arabic, which wasn’t available for the Arabic reading world before. He had also participated in national and regional exhibitions in the industry. Khalid has been experimenting with creating better hives for the hot and humid weather conditions of Qatar.

Over a year ago Khalid started his own company, Busaif Apiaries that sells local honey as well as providing excellent grade beekeeping equipment. Busaif apiaries is a collection of about 150 hives spread in different regions of Qatar and produces 1 to 1.5 tons of honey per year, as well as an apiary set in the city of Abha in Saudi Arabia.

Falconry in Qatar
Mr. Mohammed Al-Jaidah is a Colonel in the Qatar Airforce but has been seconded to the Ministry of Environment since 2004 as head of Environmental Protection Department. In his current position as marine specialist he is an advisor to the Minister. His interest in Falconry started at the age of 14 and he participated both in traditional methods and encouraging the evolution of the practice taking into consideration environmental and conservation concerns. Mr. Moh’d is promoting falconry among a new generation, educating them and raising awareness of the importance of retaining their culture whilst understanding how traditions must adapt to survive.