Doha Debates – Environment and Freedom of Speech

Doha Debates – Environment and Freedom of Speech” presented and discussion facilitated by Tanya Sakzewski, Series Producer of Doha Debates.

Tanya is the Executive Producer of The Doha Debates since the start of Series 6 and worked as Producer on The Doha Debates for four years prior. She has more than 20 years experience working in broadcast news and current affairs as a producer and reporter. Before moving to Doha, Tanya was based in London producing the BBC’s award-winning Hardtalk programme for more than four years. She also worked for several other international broadcasters and television news agencies including Bloomberg Television, APTN, and WTN.
After graduating from university with a BA in journalism, she started her career in her home country of Australia as a television news reporter for networks including the national broadcaster, ABC TV.

Also present at the meeting was Leon Kaye – editor at who was visiting Doha. He ranked Doha among ’10 Emerging Sustainable Cities to watch in 2012’ according to along with Seoul, San Jose, Detroit, Adelaide, Brasilia, Naples, Mexico City, Belgrade and Accra (capitol of Ghana).

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