Sustainable Recruitment

Presented by: Simon Bangs

Simon Bangs is one of the most experienced recruiters operating within the environmental & sustainability sector with a history of successfully completed mandates across the globe including the Europe, N. America, Middle East, Africa, SE Asia & Australasia. Simon joined Allen & York in 2006 and in 2010 relocated to Dubai to help expand Allen &York’s operations from a UK-based dedicated Middle East team, to having a permanent presence in region.

Allen & York differentiate themselves from many other recruiters by working in well-defined industry niches and by employing consultants who have a true understanding & empathy for the sectors in which they operate – subsequently Simon has a BSc Environmental Protection and has been involved in various grassroots conservation & environmental awareness projects.

His broad exposure to regulators, industry, consultants and NGO’s means that he is well placed to provide an honest assessment to both job hunters and employers who are looking to gain an understanding of the Middle East employment market.