Greening the Telecom

Presented by: Luisa Gentile

Luisa Gentile is Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Vodafone Qatar. She helped create Vodafone Qatar’s award-winning “Better World: Make the world a better place with everything we do” program which launched in November 2008 and earned her to be named one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Europe and Middle East 2011” by Trust Across America and Centre for Sustainability and Excellence.

Luisa has a significant international and multi-cultural experience of over 16 years in the telecommunications industry, working in Italy, Egypt and United Kingdom, where she has covered managerial roles in Programme Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Customer Care.

Luisa‘s passion is support of women’s causes and her latest achievement is the publication of ‘Vodafone Women in Qatar: the insight story’ in cooperation with Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing. The book, published in 2010, provides insight into the private worlds of Vodafone Qatar female employees and spouses and, through their voices, it supports the community with all proceeds donated to fund local writers.

In 2011, Luisa founded the “CSR Majlis in Qatar” an informal network of Qatar-based companies and organizations, either from public and private sector, interested in CSR, corporate governance, sustainability and social enterprise. The CSR Majlis serves as a platform for networking, sharing and partnering with the goal of strengthening and increasing CSR awareness and practice in Qatar.

A first time for Qatar, the Vodafone World of Difference Programme, initiated by Luisa in 2009, represents an innovative competition model aiming to promote Social Entrepreneurship.

Luisa is frequently invited as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator in several CSR conferences in the Middle-East region.