A Portable Architecture for Qatar: Improving Migrant Worker’s Condition by Design

Roman Turczyn is the Director of VCUQatar’s Innovation Qatar (iQ), an organization that brings together faculty, graduates, students and design practitioners to undertake applied research. iQ develops creative design solutions and promotes the value of design through the intersection of design research, education, practice and technology. Mr. Turczyn is steering a student-driven project that began during Tasmeem 2009: the development of a portable architectural solution responsive to the needs of the large population of migrant workers in Qatar. This project sponsors a two-way link between designers locally and globally, links people of different socio-economic levels and furthers the goal of providing humanitarian living conditions for all.

Seeking to provide a portable housing solution for low-wage migrant workers in Qatar effectively aligns student initiatives with one of the foundational goals of Qatar Foundation: to build human capital. In this way, the work of Innovation Qatar actively supports the collaborative research endeavors that contribute to Qatar’s innovative and enterprising future.

Roman Turczyn is currently the Director of VCUQatar’s Innovation Qatar (iQ) Center for Design Research and Entrepreneurship. An architect by training, Roman Turczyn brings a wealth of design experience accumulated over thirty-six years of professional practice. He has played a leading role in the completion of a variety of planning and built projects in Canada, and since arriving in Qatar in 2003, Roman has applied his design expertise to a number of landmark architectural projects in Doha.