Industrial and Municipal Water Sustainability

Mil-Tec Waste and Recycling Balers

Presented by Mark Larid


Industrial and Municipal Water Sustainability” 

Presented by Dr. C. Maltesh, Qatar Science and Technology Park – Global Water Sustainability Center


Dr. C. Maltesh is currently the Deputy Director of the Joint Venture between GE Water & Process Technologies and ConocoPhillips.

Maltesh has almost 20 years of industrial & academic experience in the areas of water treatment, polymers, interfacial science, chemicals, papermaking, new membrane applications, mining, formulations for fabric wash, etc.

Maltesh began his GE career in 2005, and established the Technology & Engineering groups for the Water & Process Technologies Division at John F Welch Technology Center (JFWTC), Bangalore, India. The team comprised over 60 technologists and engineers by end 2008.  In the span of three years, the group was fully functional and integrated with Global GE centers and delivered 3 new products and submitted 20 patent disclosures, 10 of which have already been filed. The products were environmentally friendly solutions for corrosion inhibition, wastewater treatment, antifoulants and emulsion breakers. Other deliveries included remote monitoring for global water plants, engineering tools for rapid and robust designing of water treatment plants and design/commissioning of SWRO, waste water reuse and electro-dialyses plants in India, Aruba and Australia.